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Starline Alarms

The World's Most Advanced Vehicle Alarm.

Tracking, Immobiliser, mobile phone alerts, horn honk, anti highjack, all from  £840 + VAT

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The best part of the S9 that makes this alarm stand out from any other alarm, is the fact the S9 sends you mobile phone notifications to alert you of any vehicle activity, it also calls your phone to tell you your alarms actually going off!


Having the S9 app means you can also change the alarm settings via the app, no need for an engineer to come to adjust your settings for you. Also,if the car is taken by force, remotely immobilise the vehicle from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere in the world from your mobile phone.

The App

The Starline S9 Alarm, a fully connected car alarm with a GPS tracker.

A visual deterrent such as a bright flashing led is installed so when the vehicle is armed it will have a flashing blue light, so anyone looking into your vehicle will know its got additional security fitted. We can also add your cars factory HORN into the alarm, so if the alarms triggered the vehicles horn will also sound for maximum noise as well as the cars hazard lights as a visual alert.

What you can see in the app.

  1. Armed

  2. Disarmed

  3. Ignition On

  4. Ignition Off

  5. Alarm Triggered

  6. Vehicle Locked

  7. Vehicle Unlocked

  8. Live Location via GPS

Why Choose  Starline Alarms?

Driver recognition tags

In order for the vehicle alarm and immobiliser to arm, simply lock the car via your usual factory car key.


But to disable the system, the tag must be in or near the vehicle, this means if the door locks are picked or a duplicate key has been cloned or copied, the alarm system will trigger and it will call your mobile phone. (you get two tags in the box)



Jack the car up or bang the vehicle and the alarm will sound a warn away tone, repeated attempts will fully trigger the alarm and the hazards will flash and the alarm will trigger.


Smashing a window or bending down a door, (especially important for vans) will trigger the alarm system and the alarm will trigger.


Opening the doors without the recognition tag but using a factory car key, the car will look for the recognition tags for 15 seconds, if after 15 seconds the tag is not in the vehicle, the alarm will sound and the hazards will flash.



Peace of Mind Guaranteed


If the tag is not in the vehicle, at no point will the vehicle start, if your keys are stolen, use your phone to remotely immobilise your vehicle


Repeated knocks or hard impact will fully trigger the alarm and the hazards will flash and your phone will ring.

Mobile-Linked Alarm Control

Connected car alarm thats calls your phone and controll the alarm from your mobile phone

About Us

See how the alarm works here.

Your Vehicle is Our Priority

Auto Communications is a leading car security installation company in the UK. We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and effective security solutions to protect their vehicles from theft.


Our team is fully insured and mobile, offering installation at a location convenient for the customer.

  • What services does Auto Communications offer?
    Specialises in vehicle security systems including Starline Alarms, Ghost-II Immobiliser, Faraday Boxes & Bags, and Laserline Guardian Immobiliser to protect against OBD and relay theft.
  • What kind of after-sales support does Auto Communications provide?
    Offers 24/7 emergency support and a straightforward warranty service, emphasizing strong aftercare and customer service.
  • Are there any insurance-approved products?
    Yes, products like the Meta Trak S5 Insurance Approved Tracker and the Laserline Guardian Immobiliser are insurance approved.
  • Im not sure what i need, can someone help me?
    We are more then happy to walk you through all the steps in helping you to decide the best security for you and your vehicle.

Satisfied Customers

I've had my share of car alarms, but the Starline S9 takes the cake. The setup was straightforward, and the fact that I can control it from my phone is super convenient. Love the extra security with the driver tags. Had a minor issue with setting up the app, but their support sorted it out quick.

John Smith

It's been a few months and I'm impressed with the GPS tracking. Knowing my car's location at all times gives me a huge peace of mind, especially in the city. Haven't had to use it in an emergency, but it's good to know it's there.

David Brown

Recently installed the S9 on my car, and it's been great. The GPS tracking and the fact it calls my phone if something's up is amazing.  The LED deterrent is a nice touch too.

Mary Jones

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