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Protection From Relay Theft, OBD Theft & Key Theft

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Key Features

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Prevent Car Theft

The Ghost-II Immobiliser by Autowatch is a reliable immobilisation system designed to protect your vehicle from various theft methods. It ensures that the vehicle cannot be started or driven away without the unique pin code chosen by the owner.

Easy To Use

A simple to use, yet mighty powerful system, Our highly experienced technician will show you how to fully operate the ghost immobiliser before leaving site, we are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Undetectable Once Fitted

Once fitted, the Ghost-II Immobiliser is undetectable in the car. It cannot be removed by anyone other than a professional, ensuring that your vehicle is always protected.

No key-fobs or LED indications

Enter a pin code to start your car

Undetectable & covert installations

inc fitting 

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The Ghost-II Immobiliser by Autowatch is the first of its kind CAN BUS immobilisation to secure your vehicle from theft.


The system protects your vehicle from key-cloning,OBD theft, key theft and CAN hacking through a unique pin code that you choose using the cars own buttons to allow your car to start or be driven away.

Once fitted, the only way someone can steal your vehicle is to tow it away!

Watch a Demo here


Undetectable & Secure

The Ghost-II system, once fitted, is so small and discrete, a would be thief has no chance of finding and bypassing the the system. A unique pin code chosen by you to start or drive your car, so even if the car keys are stolen, the car can still not be driven away.

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Latest & Advanced technology 

The Ghost uses the cars own CAN BUS system to immobilise the car from starting, the Ghost is the first of its kind to use this sophisticated technology in the world, MONEY BACK for the Ghost immobiliser if your car is stolen.

Need a Tracker?

Buy a Ghost & Tracker and get a multi product discount

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Multiple Vehicles?

Book multiple cars in all in one day and receive a multi car deal!

  • What services does Auto Communications offer?
    Specialises in vehicle security systems including Starline Alarms, Ghost-II Immobiliser, Faraday Boxes & Bags, and Laserline Guardian Immobiliser to protect against OBD and relay theft.
  • What kind of after-sales support does Auto Communications provide?
    Offers 24/7 emergency support and a straightforward warranty service, emphasizing strong aftercare and customer service.
  • Are there any insurance-approved products?
    Yes, products like the Meta Trak S5 Insurance Approved Tracker and the Laserline Guardian Immobiliser are insurance approved.
  • Im not sure what i need, can someone help me?
    We are more then happy to walk you through all the steps in helping you to decide the best security for you and your vehicle.
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