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Starline Alarm, Immobilser and GPS Trackers


Starline M66 Plus Tracker and mini alarm and immobiliser £399-£450 fitted

The Starline M66 plus is a fantastic solution for any vehicle, this is very popular with off road vehicles such as quads and buggys etc and older vehicles, but we still fit these to cars and vans which the other Starline products do not work with, so we`ve always got a solution for you. So what does the M66 Plus do? The M66 started as a GPS Tracker with owner recognition tags, but we have added some modifications to this to make it a mini alarm and immobiliser system suitable for anything!

Knock the vehicle the siren will warn you away, bang it hard the alarm will sound.

Try and start the vehicle, the alarm will sound the vehicle will be immobilised.

Tow or jack up the vehicle, the alarm will sound.

So here is the important bit, when the alarm is triggered, the built in GPS tracker will send you an app notification and it will call your mobile phone. So if your vehicle is parked away from your home or work, you will now know the alarm is going off. It also has a built in GPS tracker so you can see if the vehicles armed, disarmed, if the alarms going off and see the live location 24/7 all via your app.

Starline E96 (no GPS) / Starline S96 (with GPS) Full alarm and immobiliser system £500-£800

Check the Starline S96 demo on YouTube and click subscribe.

Available for most vehicles after 2006, please contact us for compatibility. Do you want to protect your vehicle from relay theft, OBD theft, key cloning, key theft, car jacking and from your car being towed away? This is the system for you.

The E96 and S96 are both similar systems, the E96 is the non GPS version, the S96 is the GPS version, having the GPS version means you get live GPS location and notifications via the app and phone calls when the alarm goes off wherever you are, even when you`re not with your vehicle.

Features of both:

Driver recognition tag, in order for the vehicles alarm and immobiliser to arm, simply lock the car via your usual factory car key. But to disable the system, the tag must be in the vehicle, this means if the door locks are picked or a duplicate key has been cloned or copied, the alarm system will still trigger if it does not see the driver recognition tag.

Tilt sensor- jack the car up and the alarm will sound a warn away tone, repeated jacking will fully trigger the alarm and the hazards will flash.

Shock sensor- knock or slightly banging the vehicle will sound a warn away tone, repeated knocks or hard impact will fully trigger the alarm and the hazards will flash

Smashing a window or bending down a door, (especially important for vans) will trigger the alarm system and the hazards will flash.

Opening the doors without the recognition tag, the car will look for the recognition tags for 15 seconds, if after 15 seconds the tag is not in the vehicle, the alarm will sound and the hazards will flash.

Immobilisation, if the tag is not in the vehicle, at no point will the vehicle start, even if you have your factory key, without the recognion tag the car will not start.

Anti highjack (not available on all vehicles), if you`re pulled from your vehicle while its running, the car will eventually shut down, the alarm will sound and the hazards will flash.

What if I`m out away from home and I lose my tag? On some vehicles we can set the dash board buttons up as a pin code, this means entering a sequence of buttons on your steering wheel to override the system. Or using the apps Bluetooth connection you can also de activate the Starline security to allow the car to start.

Added Extras:

Have the S96 GPS version to have notifications sent to your app and phone calls when your alarm is triggered at any time wherever you are in the world. Notifications are;

  • Armed
  • Disarmed
  • Ignition on
  • Ignition off
  • Alarm triggerd
  • Vehicle locked
  • Vehicle Unlocked
  • Live location

We can add rear van load area security if you own a van, this will protect the rear of your van storage area, this will trigger the alarm if the rear doors are drilled, cut open or bent down.

Visual deterrents, have a bright flashing led installed when the vehicle is armed or have a bright flashing strobe light installed in the rear of your van to distract a would be thief.

Please call or send an enquiry to discuss the best option for you.

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